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“My energy is better than it has been in years as is my capacity for physical exercise. My energy is up to a 7.5-8/10. I have had a tremendous improvement in my memory as well.”

– L.S.

“Within a month of focusing attention to my true health issues – I’ve lost belly fat – I sleep much better – my energy level has improved – I’m coping with high stress levels without having to take conventional anti-anxiety medication – life just has a more positive spin – Thank You – for providing an alternative way to health!”

– Janice

“If you want a solution to your complicated health problems and are willing to put in the effort you will see results like nowhere else. Take this rare opportunity to get the help you really need. You will not be disappointed.”

– Pati

“After seeing Dr. Hirsch for 4 years I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in a very long time. I do not have anxiety like I did, it is well maintained now. I have more energy, my moods are stable and I feel like doing things and going places. Since I have been under Dr. Hirsch’s care I now have not needed my asthma medicine in over a year and my allergies have gone to almost nothing. I was the type of person who took all kinds of medicine almost every day just to get by. I worry about my throat closing from my allergies and I can honestly say I really don’t even think about that anymore. I have to thank Dr. Hirsch from the bottom of my heart because I actually feel like I have a life again.”

– J.M.

“Dr. Hirsch has helped me achieve much higher levels of energy, weight loss, pain reduction (from food allergies – dairy and gluten). I feel the clock has been reversed, as I now feel 10 years younger than I did since I started seeing Dr. Hirsch 3-4 years ago. I have also had resolution of the depression, the fatigue and the brain fog — I am more focused, organized and alert. Thanks to Dr. Hirsch for your help!”

– T.S.

“After doing what Evan recommended I am a changed man. I feel better than I have felt in 20 years. Feeling better has given me an optimism combined with energy like I haven’t felt since I was in my 30’s. I have been given a life like I never thought I would have again. Overall I feel 20 to 30 years younger (I’m 68). Thank you, Dr Evan. I’ll never be able to repay you for what you have given me.”

– M.S.

“Dr. Hirsch’s program is a life-saver.”

– JzB