You can now order your own supplements through our new online store!

It has ALL of the supplements that I recommend and you are able to order your supplements online or over the phone!

You can find it at STORE.FIXYOURFATIGUE.ORG. The access code (and voucher for $5 off every order) is Hirsch.

You can also place your order over the phone at 1-888-301-9009 through our support partner, Kaerwell.

The features of this store include:
1. Better pricing than we’ve ever had before! (almost 5% off our previous pricing!)
2. $5 OFF EVERY ORDER when you use the Hirsch voucher at checkout!
3. ALL of the supplements that I recommend are now in ONE online store!
4. You can order all the supplements that you need at your convenience from anywhere you have an internet or phone connection.
5. FREE shipping on orders over $100.
6. An amazing AUTO-SHIP service where Kaerwell (our support partner) will CALL you on the phone before they ship the products to you! This way you don’t pay for anything you’re not already taking. They will also help you calculate exactly how many bottles you need per month and how often to re-order!
7. The store securely saves your information to make reordering and checkout fast and easy.

Here’s how to register and start ordering:
1. Click on this link ->> STORE.FIXYOURFATIGUE.ORG
2. Register and use access code: Hirsch
3. Search for the products you need in the search box by brand or supplement name.
4. Add the products you need to your cart.
5. When you checkout, use the voucher code Hirsch to get $5 off.
6. That’s it!

If you have any questions, comments, or challenges using the store, just email or phone Kaerwell from the store (you’ll see an email address and phone number in the right column) and someone from the team will help you out!


With gratitude,

Dr. Evan 🙂

P.S. I can put any physician brand products in this store for you so if you can’t find the product you need (whether it’s something I’ve recommended or not), please email me through the Contact Us page and we’ll get it on there as soon as possible.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to use the voucher code Hirsch at checkout to get $5 OFF EVERY ORDER and get FREE SHIPPING when you spend more than $100!